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The Books

“..Found it a very engaging story from the get-go… I will recommend that my older teen daughters read this book as well.”

Nicole N.


“I loved how fast paced this story was and how original the plot came out to be.”

Maryam H.

“Excellent book! I can’t wait for an addition to the series as the characters get you so involved and they are so complex! It is definitely a ‘can’t put down’ book!”


“C I N is a totally new paranormal concept with intriguing surprises that will have you guessing to the end. Great young adult read!”


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C I N #1

"Lynn, Lynn, the City of Sin."


Find out who is most wicked.

Ally's Secret #3

Finally Ally's secret is revealed.

The Missing Link #4

She wanted him--he had other plans...

The Beginning #5

Some call her an evil darkness but the others call her their "beginning".

C I N Bundle

Books 1-3, bundled shorts & the BONUS Shorts not available for sale!

C I N Series Shorts

Six Stories: Donna Denning, Jimmy and Amber, Pete & Marie, Regrets, Lanie & Rat

C I N Puritian Series

Five Stories: Fatal, Sucki, Charles, Tobias, Celeste

Ravenna Frost

Who is she really? (Casting call winner character for Savannah Hudson)

Amie's Journal

An innocent face but a wicked mind!

Reggie's Log

His theory behind everything...

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