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The Fall of Gadaie Series


The Fall of Gadaie Series - Book One

Lark's monstrous creatures chant the most horrific words Tahmi's ever heard: ""Kill her, kill her."" It's true, they want her dead, but why?


Tahmi and her best friend, Andy, are sucked through a portal to a strange world with fantastical creatures that want her to save them. What are they talking about? She's just a human girl with poor balance and even worse coordination. The Queen of Gadaie promises to send Andy and Tahmi home, but only after they go on a mission to return her daughters from captivity. Who is their captive? Lark. The same person who wants Tahmi dead. How will she put an end to the villainous reign of Lark? Can she bring back the Queen's daughters? After all, compared to everyone else, she's not "special". Everyone makes sure to tell her this, too. Worse yet, a mist penetrates her mind, making her forget who she is and where she's from. Will she complete her mission in time before all is forgotten, trapping her forever?


The Fall of Gadaie Series - Book Two

Figurines resembling persons from the land of Gadaie, keep appearing around Tahmi's bedroom. What's happening there?

She's afraid of the answer.


She's tried her best to avoid the portal for two years but, with more and more figurines appearing--her resolve is failing.


Should she go back? After all, she's nothing "special", right? The people there said she wasn't at all what they'd expected.

Let them fight their own battles.

But, the more figurines Tahmi receives, the more she wonders about her friends and family. And each time a new figure falls, a strange burning sensation fills her stomach and her gut tells her she's to blame for what's happening.

What did she do? Jon Landers did say she'd changed things and that she wasn't "ready" to come to Gadaie.

What terrible thing did Tahmi do on her last visit? And if she's to blame, how in the world is she going to fix it?

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