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Poetry Collections

A collection of 100 plus poems for those who have been in love and had their heart ripped out.

"Time heals they say, more like builds a scab over your pain so its locked inside you like a caged animal waiting for revenge."

"There are a hundred reasons why I shouldn't love you but my heart fights logic like a loaded bazooka until all my reasons have been blown apart and my heart is the only thing left standing exposed to you."

For The Psycho in Him & in You

When the one you love plays games with your heart and then turns you into a psycho...

maybe I'll admit how I feel
before your gone
might even allow you to touch my heart
may even let you turn me on
Or should I go numb?
for my electricity I'd like you to start
only you can fulfill my desire
but I dread the thought we may part
leaving behind this fire
that burns through my flesh
melting the ice around my heart
leaving me heartless
like globs of paint disguised as art
is my emotions
that's what I've become
for hiding from pleasure is what I do
of not being accepted by you

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